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Product Code: Finite® Steam Filter

Steam plays a very important role in a variety of industries including food and beverage, hospital, and pharmaceutical. In order to ensure effective and continuous operation of many processes in these industries, it is often critical that high quality steam is used. A Finite Steam Filter can be used to produce high quality steam by removing both particulate and condensate prior to critical processes. Although each industry’s steam requirements may vary slightly, the solution is always the same… Finite® Steam Filters!



98% efficient at 0.1 micron

Removes rust and other particle contamination

Removes Excessive condensate from steam

Disposable filter elements

Easy to install

Lower yearly maintenance costs than competitive filters

No costly downtime associated with the cleaning and back flushing of filter elements - just replace element every 6 weeks


Materials of Construction

Part Numbers


304 Stainless Steel

EPR Seals (2)



Steam Filter: SFN4-SE13-145

Replacement Element: SE13-145 x 8

Note: Steam Filter is sold with one spanner wrench and preinstalled element.

Replacement elements are sold in Boxes of eight. Contact factory for other connection configurations

Connection Size: 1” NPT

Max. Pressure: 125 PSIG

Max. Temp: 353°F

Max. Flow Rate: 400 lbs./ hr. at 125 PSIG

Overall Height: 36 inches

Minimum 14” clearance for element removal

Weight: 25 pounds



Use Finite® Steam Filters in...

Applications and Benefits

Food and beverage manufacturing and packaging - Filter protects speci!c food products (i.e. potatoes) by eliminating overall contamination, taste differences, odor, and unwanted additives to food

Meat packing facilities - Same benefits as above

Dairies - To sterilize processing equipment and storage tanks

Direct injection of steam into food - Provides shorter cooking times and more even cooking

Breweries - Steam is used to provide the heat of pasteurization, production of hot liquor, bottle washing, bottling, canning processes, and Clean in Place (CIP) systems


Food industry



Accepted Standards

All materials are FDA approved

USDA acceptance in federally inspected meat and poultry plants

Complies with Pasteurized Milk Ordinance

Complies with 3-A Sanitary Standards Committee’s practice for producing culinary quality steam (Number 609-00) 

Finite Steam Filters meet the regulations for Indirect Food Additives used as Basic Components for Repeated Use for Contact Surfaces as specified in 21 CFR Part 177, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices, 21 CFR Part 110

Applications and Benefits

Reduces the number of malfunctioning valves and regulators

Can be used at point-of-use to purify steam from a centralized system

Sterilizing instruments:
-eliminates wet packs and staining of instruments
-eliminates unnecessary maintenance and costly downtime on steam sterilizers

Applications and Benefits

Injection of steam in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Direct contact sterilization—Clean in Place (CIP) or Sterilize in Place (SIP)

Clean room humidification

Block and bleed systems (Steam provides a sterile barrier between a critical biological process and the environment)

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