Custom Made Nitrogen Generator

PROSER's innovative Nitrogen Generators transform compressed air into nitrogen eliminating the inconvenience and high costs associated with cylinders, dewars, and bulk delivery.  Custom Nitrogen Generators are also available to meet all of your pressure, flow and nitrogen purity requirements. Applications for nitrogen include food packaging and processing; chemical blanketing; aluminum degassing; boiler layup; mine inerting; mechanical gas seals; injection molding; and enhanced oil recovery. 

The rental of the nitrogen generator offers reliable service and its usage stability. It insulates the user from uncontrollable vendor gas price increases, long term commitments and contracts fees.

The advantages of renting a Nitrogen Generator are

  • Lower cost.  It eliminates the need for costly gas cylinders.
  • It is a complete package with prefilters and carbon filters.
  • It is hassle free, easy to install and easy to operate.
  • It eliminates unexpected shut downs due to a "bad" or empty cylinder.
  • It is safe and reliable.
  • No electrical line is required for the custom made nitrogen generator.



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