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Product Code: Nitrogen Gas Generator for rent

PROSER's designs custom-made Nitrogen (N2) Generator, meant to meet your nitrogen requirements.  Capitalizing on the technology of Parker Hannifin, PROSER utilise the Parker Hannifin high efficiency Nitrogen Membrane modules for all custom-made Nitrogen Generator for rents.

PROSER Membrane Nitrogen Generators completely eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen Dewars and cylinders, the hassles of changing dangerous, high pressure cylinders and interruption of gas supplies.  PROSER will provide professional services, parts in the rental service contract.  Once the Generator is installed, a continuous nitrogen supply of consistent purity is available within minutes from start-up.

PROSER Membrane Nitrogen Generators for rent are ready made complete systems, delivered to operate immediately with carefully matched components engineered for easy installation, operation and long term reliability. Standard features include high efficiency coalescing prefilters with automatic drains and an activated carbon filter.  Installation consists of simply connecting a  standard compressed air line to the inlet and connecting the outlet to a nitrogen line.  The membrane systems offer the advantages of no moving parts and no electrical requirements..  No electrical power is required unless used with an oxygen monitor.  PROSER will offer the expertise in set up and the installation services.

There is no complicated operating procedue to learn or labour intensive monitoring involved. Simply select the purity your process requires, set the flow and pressure, and wihtin minutes high purity, dry nitrogen is available for use.

Once the system is operating, it requires little monitor.  The only maintenance involves changing the coalescing filter cartridges and activated carbon filter periodically.  This is a simple ten minute procedure.

PROSER has been nearly 20 year experience offering the industrial filtration solution. We offer the rental of the custom-made nitrogen generator for ease of use and installation, as well as meeting the cost effectiveness of our clients.  Call 6280 0470 or visit us for enquiry.

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