Sample Filters

Sample Filters Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter

  • Remove solids and liquids from gas samples
  • Remove solids from liquid samples
  • Filtration efficiencies from 5 to 100 micron
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Long life, cleanable filter cartridges
  • Temperature resistance to 400°F (204°F)
  • Up to 200 psid (14 barg) (differential pressure)


The Balston Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter is suitable for applications which require a durable, low maintenance reusable stainless steel filter. The filter cartridge is constructed of 316 stainless steel with two molded Viton gaskets. It may be installed in selected Balston filter housings which are designed to accommodate an 050-11, 100-12, and 100-25 size filter cartridge. The Balston Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filters may be used in liquid or gas service, to filter particulate sized from 5 micron to 100 micron, depending on the grade of the filter used.

The Balston Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter has excellent chemical resistance characteristics. Installation of the Balston Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter is straightforward and requires approximately 2-3 minutes. First, remove the filter bowl from the filter housing into which the filter will be installed. Next, place the molded Viton gaskets on to the ends of the cartridge. For 050-11 elements, make sure the shoulder of the gasket fits snugly onto the outer diameter of the cartridge. Finally, holding the gaskets in place on the cartridge, slide the cartridge on the support core or tie rod of the housing, and reassemble the filter housing. Check the filter housing for leaks after reassembling. The Balston Stainless Steel Metal Filter Cartridge should be removed from service and cleaned annually, or when the pressure drop across the filter is significant enough to adversely affect the user’s application.  The cartridge may be cleaned by backflushing or ultrasonic methods. After cleaning, visually inspect the filter cartridge to confirm it’s integrity for continued service.


  • Samples with heavy loading of solid contaminants
  • Removal of heavy, viscous liquids from gas samples
  • Prefilters to final high efficiency filters
  • Ideal for sample lines that are periodically backflushed
  • High temperature applications




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