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Finite® Z-Series electronic condensate drains are designed for economical removal of unwanted water, oil emulsions and other liquids.

How it works:

The Finite® Z-Series Zero Loss Drain (ZLD-10) operates with most common supply voltages: 24 to 230Vdc, and 80 to 230 Vac, automatically adjusting to the input voltage. As condensate collects in the internal sump, a diaphragm is held closed by the system pressure. When the liquid level sensor detects an accumulation of condensate, an electromagnet is activated, relieving the system pressure above the diaphragm, allowing condensate to escape. As the condensate level decreases, system pressure is re-introduced above the diaphragm, closing off the flow of waste liquid before compressed air can escape.

The ZLD should be cleaned annually to ensure long-term reliability. Please consult factory for cleaning instructions.

RESULT: Zero loss of expensive compressed air, which results in lower overall operating cost!


Installation is simple and quick: a ½” NPT pipe adapter (supplied) is threaded into a filter housing drain port, a drip leg, or other pipe connection, and the ZLD drains can then be fitted into the system with the simple twist of a threaded collar.

Capacity Range

The ZLD condensate drains are suitable for use on compressed air systems. Rated flow for filters is 3600 SCFM/6116 NM3/H for the ZLD-10.

Zero Loss Drain Features

Automatically adjusts to all common power sources 24V to 230V
Conserves compressed air energy, zero compressed air is expelled with the oil/water condensate
Comes with adapters for NPT threading which enables easy installation at no additional cost
Condensate entry from top or bottom of drain simplifies difficult installations
Test button for manual discharge
Internal electronics continuously monitor operation, and alarm light on front panel indicates faults
Adapter vent for remote mounting and pressure balancing is available separately

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