Category: Instrumentation and Steam Filters
Product Code: Instrumentation and Gas Sampling Filters

Bypass or High Pressure Filters

Application:Finite’s high pressure filters are available with housings made of 316 stainless steel (S5R,S1R) or aluminium (A5R, A1R). This series is used for gas bypass sampling, high pressure compressed natural gas filtration, and applications with elevated pressures and corrosion resistance requirements. High efficiency particulate and coalescing elements are available with these units. Includes drain port with plug. Connection size of drain port matches inlet and outlet connection size.






S1IL Stainless Steel Particulate Filters

Application: The S1IL filter is typically applied for the particulate filtration of bottled gas or as a last chance filter where there is limited space availability. It does not have a drain port and should only be used when little or no liquid contaminant is expected.









Small Internal Volume Filters With Glass Bowl

Application: These filters are used for gas analyzer protection and corrosive applications where element visibility is required. These housings have smaller internal volumes which allow for quicker evacuation and faster sampling times. Includes 1/4” NPT drain port with plug.








Small Internal Volume Filters With Stainless Bowl

Application: These filters have similar applications as !lter above, however this version has a stainless steel bowl which allows for higher pressure and temperature applications. Includes 1/4” NPT drain port with plug.









S3C/S4C Stainless Steel Filters

Application: Finite’s S3C and S4C units are economical stainless steel !lter assemblies for applications in food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing. Coalescing, particulate and adsorptive !lters are available. Includes 1/4” NPT drain port with plug.










High Flow Stainless Steel Filter

Application: Finite’s 2” NPT stainless steel filter is the right solution for most critical or corrosive compressed air/gas applications. Its 500 PSIG design pressure makes this an ideal choice for higher pressure applications. Bulk liquid separating, coalescing, particulate and adsorptive filters are available. Includes 1/4” NPT drain port with plug.












Aluminium Filters with Clear Bowl

Application: These aluminum filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and point-of-use general air system filtration. The zinc bowl is preferred in higher temperature and pressure applications. They also provide coalescing and adsorption filtration for robotic and OEM machine manufacturers. A manual twist drain is standard. An auto drain option is available.









Compact Nylon Filter With Clear Bowl

Application: KN1S and KN5S filters are an economical way to provide high-efficiency filtration for protection of emission analyzers, air-logic systems and low-flow point-of-use pneumatic components. Includes manual, tee-valve drain. (1/8” NPT port)










Nylon Filter With Clear Bowl

Application: The P1N offers economical high efficiency filtration for point-of-use, instrument systems or OEM circuit protection. The P1N is also used when sump and element visibility are required. Includes manual twist drain.











Aluminium Filters With Clear Bowl

Application: The QN series is an excellent point-of-use filter when element visibility is required. Coalescing, particulate and adsorption elements available. Includes plastic manual twist drain.









Low Flow, Dual-Stage In Line Filters

Application: The ILN, IKN in-lines are used for low flow circuit protection on sensing instruments, analyzers, air-logic, and other control devices.

High-efficiency coalescing and particulate elements are available. Drain types available include manual push, constant bleed or no drain.

The design: This twist-lock plastic housing is designed for 50 PSIG Maximum operating pressure. The two-stage filter design allows for high efficiency element replacement and the reuse of the 74 micron prefilter (74P05-011 X 10).




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