Category: Instrumentation and Steam Filters
Product Code: High Efficiency Disposable In-Line Filters

Application: These high-efficiency, disposable in-line filters are great for analyzer and sensor protection, gas sampling, micro-system operation and robot and animation air preparation. This clear, nylon housing allows visible inspection of collected particulate. The full length internal tube support gives higher strength, even with system upsets.

Type ID In-line filters

The Type ID enclosure in conjunction with a ‘G’, ‘T’ , ‘F’ or ‘44P’ series element is designed to provide the most reliable, long lived, instrument air source, sensor protection, sample cleansing and purification available today. The center core provides stable backup support, reduces internal (tare) volume, centers the tube in the housing and distributes the contaminant load along the tube’s entire length. Elements in the housing are sealed by a positive serrated arrangement with built-in redundancy, ultrasonically welded.

Type MD In-line filters

The Type MD housing in conjunction with ‘G’, ‘T’, ‘F’ or ‘5P’ element is designed to provide a high reliability instrument air source or sensor protection where some levels of condensed moisture or oil are present. A stand-pipe is molded into the lower housing to allow for a dry exit chamber as liquids collect at the tube base. Up to 3cc of liquid can be stored in this manner. The same tube size is employed as in the Type ID. Typical applications involve high condensate conditions such as vacuum or higher temperature systems.

Type SD In-line filters

For critical point-of-use, vapor free instrument or medical systems the Type SD provides Maximum activated surface exposure to the process gas while pre-filtering with grade 10 pads and preventing media migration with exit safety filters.

Adsorbing Media Available

Type A: Activated carbon for general use oil vapor removal.

Type J: Silica gel moisture trap dries gas, turns white when expended.

Type M: 13X molecular sieve for selective polishing and ‘last trace’ light hydrocarbon vapor removal.

Type O: Activated dye turns red when exposed to oil in system.

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