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What is a vacuum pump and what are they used for?

High Quality, Low Maintenance

Vacuum pumps are used in a variety of applications from manufacturing processes to medical devices. In general, a vacuum pump provides high quality, reliable performance and is a low maintenance piece of equipment.

How it Works

Vacuum pumps convert mechanical energy into pneumatic energy by evacuating the air contained within a system. They use the same pumping mechanism as air compressors except that the unit is installed so that the air is drawn from a closed volume and Exhausted to the atmosphere.

In a compressed air system the compressor inlet is usually at atmospheric pressure, whereas in a vacuum system, the outlet is at atmospheric pressure.

Lubricated vs. Non-lubricated

Pumps are generally offered in an oil-less or oil-lubricated version. Oil-lubricated vacuum pumps have many advantages if they are properly maintained. They can usually provide 20% higher vacuum because the lubricant acts as a sealant. The life of an oil-lubricated vacuum pump is usually extended by 50% due to cooler operation and better protection against corrosion from condensed water vapor.

All Pumps Require Filtration Protection

A vacuum pump, whether it is oilless or not, requires Exhaust filtration protection. One requirement of vacuum pump maintenance is making sure that the operator provides and maintains a filter for the vacuum Exhaust. Regardless of the type of vacuum pump you have, using a Finite Exhaust filter will ensure a cleaner work environment.

Why filter vacuum pump Exhaust?

Put 99.9% clean air into YOUR work environment

A vacuum pump will Exhaust smoke and visible oil mist into the air. Installing a Finite Exhaust filter will eliminate 99.9% of the oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump Exhaust. This will prevent oil accumulation in the ambient air, which could otherwise cause health hazards for employees and potential violations from OSHA and the EPA.

Eliminate oil in duct work

When oily air is emitted from a vacuum pump, the contaminants are circulated throughout the building through the duct work. This can create dirty intake air for other equipment such as air compressors, packaging machines, etc.

Recover expensive lubricating oils

Oil prices have risen dramatically in the past few years. Your Finite vacuum pump Exhaust filter can recover expensive lubricating oils and return filtered oil back to the pump. This reduces overall maintenance costs.


Industrial Vacuum Processes
Food Processing
Meat Packaging
Factory Automation
Pneumatic Conveying
Chemical Processing
Print Production

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters



Not pictured FVE003K






Use this on hazardous/corrosive applications.





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similar but larger capacity




Not pictured: FVE100N

similar but smaller capacity

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