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Product Code: High Pressure Drain Kits

Product Overview

High pressure compressed gas systems oftentimes contain Excessive amounts of liquid aerosols. This liquid can best be removed by utilizing Finite’s J-Series or SJ-Series coalescing filters. A Grade 10 filter followed by a Grade 4 filter will remove greater than 99.995% of the liquid water and/or oil carryover from the compressed gas system. This liquid can now be safely removed with Finite’s NEW High Pressure Drains (JDK and SJDK Series)! These drains are fully-assembled and are constructed of 316 Stainless Steel. They include two needle valves, fittings, and a pipe reservoir.

The JDK Series is rated for 5000 PSIG and connects directly to the bottom of the J-Series filter housings. The SJDK Series is rated for 6000 PSIG and connects directly to the bottom of the SJ-Series housing. These High Pressure Drains are offered in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The vertical orientation is ideal for applications in which there is adequate bowl removal clearance, while the horizontal orientation is ideal for applications with limited bowl removal clearance.


Finite’s new High Pressure Drains allow the user to safely remove condensate from a high pressure compressed gas system. Proper operation of the drain involves keeping the first needle valve open and the second needle valve closed. The liquid that is coalesced from the filter will empty into the drain’s high pressure reservoir and fill the internal volume with liquid.

When it is time to expel the liquid from the drain kit (usually on a preventative maintenance schedule), the top needle valve should be closed to shut off system pressure. The bottom needle valve should then be opened SLOWLY since the liquid will discharge rapidly from the drain. This procedure should be repeated until all of the liquid has been removed from the filter bowl and drain reservoir.

All liquid should be collected and disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

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