Category: Dryers
Product Code: FDD Desiccant Dryer Series

Standard features

Zinc Head/Steel Bowl with Integral Sightglass
Sintered Bronze Elements (prevent desiccant carry over)
Collar Designed for Easy Changeouts
Maximum Operating Temperature: 180° F
Maximum Working Pressure: 300 PSI
Optimum Working Temperature: Below 100° F


Intermittent Air Use
Clean, Dry Air for Pneumatic Applications
Instrument Protection
Air Tools Protection Against Gumming and Oxidation
Auto Body Paint Systems -Helps Prevent Fish Eye Defects
Valve Actuation - Instrument Air

Dessiccant types

SILICA GEL — Finite Filter’s 100 percent indicating silica gel provides Maximum moisture adsorption and dewpoints down to -40° F.

As the silica beads adsorb moisture, they change from blue to pink, indicating the need for replacement or regeneration. The desiccant can be regenerated by heating in a drying oven to a temperature higher than 212° F but not over 350° F. Desiccant may also be regenerated in microwave ovens.

Outstanding features of Silica Gel include:

High adsorption capacity - average surface area for each bead is over 200 ft2
Low abrasion, due to high mechanical strength for long service life
Ideal packing in bowl due to bead shape
Uniform color change
Excellent regeneration characteristics

MOLECULAR SIEVE — Molecular sieves are crystalline, metallic aluminum silicates. The type 4A offers  xceptional water vapor adsorption characteristics. Dewpoints are attainable to -40° F.

Why Finite Desiccant Dryers?

Finite® desiccant dryers are the simplest and most reliable method of ensuring your sensitive pneumatic equipment is not exposed to damaging moisture. When air is compressed, the temperature of air is increased as is its capacity to hold moisture. As the hot moist air travels downstream through the pipelines, it cools, allowing the moisture to condense. Aftercoolers, Filters, drain traps and drip legs are effective for removing condensate. For removing residual water vapor and aerosols, use the Finite desiccant dryer.


1/4" - 3/4" NPT

Flows to 15 SCFM

Low Flow Intermittent Use






3/8" - 1" NPT

Flows to 30 SCFM

Medium Flow for Intermittent Use or Longer Time Between Desiccant Changeouts







1/2" - 1" NPT

Flows to 60 SCFM

For Intermittent Use or Longer Time Between Desiccant Changeouts










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