Cargon Fibre Curing Oven with Custom Made Nitrogen Generator at Admiralty


Carbon Fibre Curing Oven with Custom Made Nitrogen Generator 

We have installed this Nitrogen generator at a site in Singapore in 2012. The user uses the gas at 97% purity at a flow rate of 450 LPM. The air pressure is 6 barg.


The customer uses the Nitrogen gas for carbon composite curing in an industrial scale oven and the gas is use to create an inert environment so that the composite material can settle without defects.

Cost pay-back

Every cycle is around 5 hours of operation, meaning the gas will be pumped in at a flow of 450 LPM, this works out to be around $500.00 per cycle. The ROI of investment will be less than a year.  The happy customer is with us for more than 1 year now with problem free running and the maintenance cost is zero. 

Proser’s goal and objective

This exercise shows the cost saving customer will enjoy. Apart from reducing carbon footprint of the user, the customer does not have to rely on gas supplier and he generates his nitrogen at site when there is a requirement or at his wish. We are developing more systems currently to meet the customer’s demand and requirement with competitive pricing and fast ROI.